Michael Hartono

Michael Hartono

Michael Hartono

Michael Bambang Hartono, also known as Oei Gwie Siong, was born on October 2, 1939, in Kudus, Central Java, Indonesia. He hails from a family of Chinese-Indonesian descent, which has its roots in the tobacco trading business.

Family Business Background: Michael and his younger brother Robert Hartono are the heirs to a significant business empire started by their grandfather, Oei Wie Gwan. Oei Wie Gwan bought a small cigarette company in 1950 and renamed it Djarum. After his death in 1963, the brothers took over the company, and under their leadership, Djarum grew to become one of Indonesia's largest cigarette manufacturers.

Diversifying Business Ventures: While the tobacco industry was the primary source of the Hartono family's wealth, Michael and Robert have considerably diversified their business interests:

  1. Banking: The Hartono brothers are the largest shareholders in Bank Central Asia (BCA), one of Indonesia's largest banks. Their stake in BCA has been a significant factor in the brothers' position as one of the richest individuals in Indonesia.
  2. Telecommunications: The Hartonos ventured into the telecommunications sector by investing in the mobile tech company Smartfren.
  3. Real Estate: The family has significant real estate holdings, including the Grand Indonesia Shopping Town – one of Southeast Asia's largest integrated commercial complexes.
  4. Digital Ventures: Recognizing the potential of the digital economy, the Hartono brothers have invested in various tech startups and initiatives. Their digital portfolio includes e-commerce, digital payments, and other tech-driven ventures.

Passion for Sports: Michael Hartono has a well-documented passion for sports, particularly badminton and bridge. He's a long-time supporter of badminton in Indonesia and has contributed to the sport's development in the country. In the realm of bridge, not only is he an enthusiast but also a competitive player. At the age of 78, Michael represented Indonesia in the bridge competition at the 2018 Asian Games, held in Jakarta.

Philanthropy: The Hartono family, including Michael, has been involved in various charitable activities and causes. Their philanthropic efforts range from educational scholarships and healthcare initiatives to disaster relief contributions.

Personal Life: Michael Hartono, much like his brother Robert, is known for maintaining a relatively private life, considering their immense wealth and influence in the Indonesian business landscape. The Hartono brothers' combined wealth and business acumen make them pivotal figures in Indonesia's economic growth story.

Conclusion: Michael Hartono's journey from leading a tobacco business to being at the helm of a diversified business empire symbolizes visionary entrepreneurship. With deep-rooted commitments to his nation, an eye for future-driven investments, and a passion for sports, Hartono's multifaceted persona stands as a testament to enduring success and personal passion.